Welcome to the online home of The UK AD Microbiome Monitoring Project. This is a BBSRC-funded project that uses high-throughput genetic sequencing to characterise the microbial communities within industrial Anaerobic Digestion Bioreactors. Anaerobic Digestion is a renewable energy technology whereby waste is consumed by microbes to produce biogas. While the process has been used for decades, the microbial communities underpinning it are not fully understood.

In this project, we will monitor microbial community composition on a weekly basis for over a year. By correlating this genomic data with extensive meta-data from bioreactors (e.g. methane production, feed composition, pH), we hope to develop predictive models of how the microbial community structure and function changes over time. Our project is supported by commercial AD sites, as well as the UK Anaerobic Digestion Network and aims to become a source for reliable data for the AD industry and the scientific community interested in microbial communities. On this website, you can track our progress and access the data we generate, as it becomes available. As a starting point, the graph below shows operating conditions in participating AD reactors over time, along with some information about their microbial communities.

You can also explore and access all the metadata and community composition data for each reactor in detail here.

Percentage of methane in the produced biogas